The Man’s Inner Journey Workshop

A key objective of Adelaide Men’s Group is to promote men’s personal growth.  As part of our commitment, we actively support the Man’s Inner Journey (MIJ) workshop presented each year since 1998. MIJ is a live-in experience held near Melbourne.

It’s an opportunity to ‘release the emotional straight jacket’ that holds you back. You will look at the world ‘with new eyes’, increase self-awareness,  promote inner peace and empower your life and all your relationships.  MIJ opens up a pathway of possibility to a ‘better kind of manhood’.

‘Gold standard transformational. Kind, caring, challenging, safe. A gift to every man!’ ‘Thank you, the work you do is just transformative. Pure. Simple. Fact’. 

This is what men say about the Man’s Inner Journey experience:

Who is MIJ for? The workshop is suitable for any man, any age, any background, any career who is seeking to understand more of himself, develop and grow.  MIJ is a powerful combination of information and deep experience – it delivers transformational  insight into your beliefs, attitudes and behaviour patterns that shape your worldview and the quality of your life outcomes.

When & Where:  The workshop is held at Candlebark Farm near Healesville Victoria (65 kilometres north east of Melbourne) – given the nature of the MIJ experience, participant numbers are limited to around 20 people.  With both MIJ workshops in 2020 cancelled due to Covid-19 issues, the next workshops are scheduled for 2021: 

  • May 21 (7PM) – 23, 2021 – SOLD OUT
  • October 15 (7PM) -17, 2021 – Bookings open

What does it cost?  Adelaide Men’s Group is a not for profit, volunteer group seeking to maintain accessible pricing. We provide for one free ‘pay it forward’ and five concession places at each workshop. The Man’s Inner Journey weekend is fully catered for with accomodation and course materials included. Your investment is:

  • Full Fee: $895
  • Concession Fee:  $595 (student, unemployed, pension, previous MIJ workshop participants). 

A deposit of $250 will hold your place at the workshop.

Adelaide Men’s Group also advocates for other growth programs including Soulcraft A&NZ, the Mankind Project, Menergy, the Menswork Project, and Landmark Education.

Who facilitates?  The workshop is facilitated by a team from Adelaide and Melbourne Men’s Groups partnering with the extraordinary Diane McCann of Beyond the Ordinary.

Diane and her partner Robert Mathews (RIP) have delivered deeply impactful personal growth programs for men, womencouples and groups around the world for more than 40 years. They co-created the MIJ program.

Man's Inner Journey Workshop - Registrations

October 2021 bookings open

Man's Inner Journey Testimonials


What a wonderful program. It just blew my mind. Simply amazing! 10/10 June 2018 Andrew V


A life changing experience absolutely beyond my expectations. Well organised and executed. A mind altering and expanding program that I would recommend to anyone. June 2018, David C


MIJ was an exceptional experience, well organised and well supported. A diverse set of ideas with something for everyone! June 2018 George V 


The best weekend of my life. A true turning point! June 2018 Sam D


Absolutely brilliant, so much beyond my expectations.  I got brotherhood connection, vulnerability. 10/10! June 2018 Eamonn C


The most transformative program I have ever experienced. MIJ should be mandatory in all secondary schools! It was a blessing to attend the MIJ course. Nov 2016

Nick C

Gold standard transformational. Kind, caring, challenging, safe. A gift to every man! Nov 2016

Iwan L

I see the world through new eyes. I now know I can make a positive impact on the people around me, including myself by listening to my heart. Nov 2016

Cameron H

I can’t think of anything more important for men to be doing right now than this. Nov 2016

James D

The program was out of this world. I was amazed at the changes I felt and the healing I did. The outcome is fabulous. Words escape me. Nov 2016

Darren F

This was the best program I have ever done and I am so blessed to have great people offer this support. Nov 2016

Angelo W

Words can not do MIJ justice!

Graig H

The best thing I’ve done for myself .. maybe ever! What a powerful weekend. The hosts and participants created such a warm and safe environment for personal reflection and development. It’s difficult to articulate all of the benefits. I recommend this to all men.

Shawn H

Words cannot do justice to the total sum of a weekend that was beyond an intellectual experience – the whole was greater than the sum of the parts.

Bryce A

Awesome in every respect. Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination … and any journey is all about who you share it with. Thank You brothers from the bottom of my h

Chris R

The Man’s Inner Journey experience was entirely real, dynamic, yet very sensitive to support men on their healing journey to recover authenticity, creativity, inner peace and a state of grace. The workshop opens the door to a new way of being a man that has absolute integrity, bringing harmony to one’s sense of personal power, mature masculinity, one’s sense of self, restoring real confidence and purpose that permeates the most important relationships in our life. Thank you MIJ. What an extraordinary gift!

Graham H

The weekend was probably one of the most significant of my life, except maybe the one when I was born… Thank you, the work you do is just transformative. Pure. Simple. Fact. Nov 2017

James M

Silence is the only word that could encompass the greatness of the event. No language would express what this workshop was all about!

Domi C

There’s a road map to happiness and contentment and I believe that Man’s Inner Journey can show you how to get there. I have seen a tremendous difference to the quality of my life thanks to MIJ. Men don’t think about it too much – just go and do this workshop and you’ll see the difference yourself.

Jim G

The workshop exceeded all my expectations.  I would encourage any man who wants to explore and connect with themselves (and other men) on a deeper level to take the step in what is undoubtedly a life-changing experience.

David W

What an amazing journey MIJ took me on! For me the weekend was a roller coaster ride of emotion and deep learning about myself.  I could write a thousand word essay and not begin to scratch the surface of how my mind was stretched and how many invaluable tools I have gained from MIJ. However, no amount of words could ever do it justice. MIJ is just something you need to experience for yourself.

Shane G

This was a profound weekend where I learnt a lot about myself. I unpacked baggage that I didn’t know I had, and I learnt that it’s ok to not have all the answers and to be a bit vulnerable. It has changed my outlook and my relationships with the important people in my life. Thanks to the convenors, organisers and support people for putting together such a powerful workshop. May the “Journey” continue.

Paul M

MIJ is thoughtful, grounded, practical and well structured. A wonderful and personal affirmation for me and a call to action to be more involved in men’s journeys wherever I can help. The facilitators are extraordinary people with open hearts and an amazing ability to hold and create a sacred space.

John B
Author of Man Unplugged – Exploring the Inner Man

This workshop was the most life changing thing I have ever done for myself, and the people around me – 10/10.

Steve B

15 out of 10 – life changing. I am lost for words.

Charles C

This workshop was the best thing I have ever done for myself, and by extension my family, hands down!!

Huw B

An amazing experience every man owes it to himself. I loved the entire weekend from start to finish and didn’t want it to stop!

Stacy F

Awesome – the entire weekend was life changing. The facilitators were validating, open, understanding and wise. Thank You.

Aaron G

This weekend was the most powerful thing I have ever done for myself and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to regain my life. Thank you.

Greg N

Pure Joy. It is a true journey – when it was over I looked at the familiar with new eyes!

Ben J